Emmanuel gives Sirisena the thumbs up

Father S.J.EmmanuelThe head of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), an influential diaspora group based in London, says President Maithripala Sirisena is showing signs of an emerging patriot and statesman.

Father S.J.Emmanuel, who was listed in Sri Lanka by the former Government over alleged terrorist links, said that by word and example, Sirisena is appealing to everyone to put the country and the people before political parties.

“Some of his predecessors have publicly made serious and erroneous remarks about the Tamils. But by word and example, he is appealing to us all to put the country and the people before political parties and seek a peaceful coexistence of all peoples. The new government and the progressive forces from all communities are identifying some root causes which ruined the county in the past and are able to identify the fundamentals for a peaceful coexistence of all,” Father S.J.Emmanuel said.

The GTF head however warned that the forces of evil – racism, extremism, selfishness- are still at work.

He called on the civic and religious leaders, more than the political to play an active role in combatting these evils both within their fold and in society.

“18th of May will remain embedded in our memory, especially for those victims, widows and orphans left behind by fallen soldiers, militants and civilians. It is the sacred responsibility of all leaders to collaborate in redressing as early as possible the grievances of those still mourning and still affected by the post-war actions of the government and its forces, courageously making fundamental changes to our vision and structure of the state that was on during the last six decades of conflict and war and in preventing any future rebellion by creating concrete political, economical and social conditions equally for all peoples in Sri Lanka,” Father S.J.Emmanuel said.

He noted that only a close collaboration of all forms of leadership for good can lead Sri Lanka from contradicting commemorations to a consensual peaceful existence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The SL govt should ignore the diaspora and non citizens and look after the needs of the Tamils.who live in the island. Alas! the tamils and muslims have political parties base on language and religion. Credit to the Sinhalese, the 2 major political parties are not based on religion, language or race except for a few rabid extremists forming so called patriotic minor parties

    • Sir, We the diaspora now buy governments in SL. We created this gov. and are able to change governments if they they dont fulfill their campaign promises to us. This is 21st century, we control you without even our physical presence. Wake up.

  2. This man should be de robed.he is promoter of Eealm and also an opportunist.He knows now that America and Eu is involved in country affairs he wants be a good man who is offering an olive branch.Keep your hands off Sri LANKA

    • The war criminals in the Rajapaksa regime and the genocidal military are going to be disrobed and exposed by the UNHRC in September. Fr Emmanuel committed no murders unlike your Rajapaksa and his military.

  3. Emmanuel, We Sri Lankans are not stupid enough to listen to a terrorist on how to run our country. But it would be a good idea if you practice what you preach: put country and people before political parties. And remember, you are one of “the forces of evil – racism, extremism, selfishness- that are still at work.”

  4. Only those who knows the father well are those who live in the Uk. Father is a great worshiper of Terrorist praba. Don’t get him a man of peace. If you listen to him in Tamil European tamil radios and TVs you will judge him well. What he always speaks racial hatred and pledges for tamil eelam.He is wolf in a sheep skin. This may be harsh to describe a priest. A war monger in the name of race who supports pirabakaran struggle can’t be a priest.

  5. “The GTF head however warned that the forces of evil – racism, extremism, selfishness- are still at work”

    With the above statement, is Father Emmanuel in fact describing himself and his organisation? Will he at least now change and stop his false propaganda against the armed forces under the Rajapakse regime that liberated the entire nation from a bunch of terrorists.

    • Go and tell that to the UN that is investigating MR and his previous govt for war crimes. 🙂

  6. Sirisena can do any negotiation but without making way to divide Sri Lanka. Sirisena is accused of having a secret deal with GTF to get votes in Presidential elections.

  7. We agree with our father and give Sirisena thumbs up. But Sinhala gov must do more to declare federal system for NE (NORTH-EAST combined). NE-combined is our ancestral land and we dont give up on that. Sirisena and Ranil must fulfill all the promises given to our leaders in exile. Eelam under Sirisena gov is imminent.

    • “NE-combined is our ancestral land and we dont give up on that”

      It is not your ancestral land,specially East. No Sinhala government can or will give into them. The most you can expect is a fully functional 13A in the Northern province. East has never been yours and will never be yours.

    • Well said Raju ! Yes, Sirisenaa and Ranil must fulfill their election promises to our diaspora community. Otherwise, we will, over time, create even more liberal gov in the south. Remember, boarders for NE Tamil state is not finalized, it’s yet to negotiate and we expect it to be way more than what our Sun God had in mind. So, Sinhalaya must now decide to give it or take it………This is our gov. We created this Gov.

      • what have you been smoking? What happened to your child murderer leader?Siva, you are living in a dream world.

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