Court bans events commemorating LTTE

LTTE FlagThe Mullaitivu Magistrate has issued an order imposing a ban on holding events commemorating the LTTE.

Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the police obtained the court order after receiving information of attempts by some groups to hold events commemorating the LTTE.

Gunasekera said that the court order was mainly obtained against the Tamil National People’s Front.

He said that since the LTTE is banned terrorist outfit in Sri Lanka events cannot be held in support of the organisation.

Events have already been held in the North in remembrance of the victims of the war but the police said that most events were not held to commemorate the LTTE.

Sri Lanka will on May 19 mark six years since the end of the war with the National event being held in Matara.

The Government had said that this year’s event will not be held as a celebration of the end of the war but as a remembrance of the victims of the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Please don’t compare the USA with war crime country Sri Lanka. USA treats it’s citizens with respect and dignity. They have humane aand civil rights. This is remembrance for the fallen heroes of TamilEelam. People lost family members not for the growth of LTTE. Remember sri lanka has nothing to worry about, they have defeated the LTTE.

  2. DID ANYBODY THINK why LTTE try to commemorate their terrorist cadres THIS YEAR……….??? DIDNT Sirisena’s promises paved the way for forward marching of LTTE again….?? Now, will Sirisena STOP these commemorations NEXT TIME, after the election…???

  3. Imagine if a group of people in USA want to celebrate September 11 attack on twin towers. Would the USA government allow it? The answer is very simple, USA Government will use the full strength to eradicate the event and its organising power to make sure it does not happen again. Then why not Sri Lankan Police act to prevent the terrorism in Sri Lanka. LTTE should not be allowed to raise the head again.

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