TGTE insists pressure will continue

RudraThe Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) led by V Rudrakumaran, has issued a rebuttal for comments made by a Government Minister that the Government of Sri Lanka has not faced pressure from the Tamil diaspora after the January 8 elections.

Sri Lanka’s Cabinet spokesman and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that “Earlier the media reported on the Tamil diaspora protesting near the UN and other places. Now we don’t see such media reports.”

In a rebuttal to the Sri Lankan Minister’s Statement, TGTE member Suthan Raj pointed out that when President Maithripala Sirsena was visiting London, thousands of Tamils demonstrated against him, calling him a war criminal, for being the acting defense minister during the final weeks of the war when thousands of Tamils were killed. Thousands also marched in Geneva two months ago against the Sri Lankan Government’s policies towards Tamils and to call for an International Investigation for the mass killing of Tamils by the Sri Lankan security forces.

Additionally, Suthan Raj said that a Million signature campaign calling the United Nations to refer Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court was recently launched by the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and several public events are taking place around the world to collects signatures.

He also said that several events are being organized around the world to commemorate the “genocide” of Tamils and the first Mullivaaikal Memorial Lecture is to be delivered by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark in New York on May 18th. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Tamil diaspora leaders were extremely active in collecting money to support the war. However, the same leaders are not interested to support the post war developments. This is a clear indication that the Tamil diaspora leaders are dancing according to the West; instead of doing what is right for their people.

    President J R Jayawardene approached the West, especially the Americans for foreign investments to develop the country as Singapore; however, failed to unite the country. India felt threatened by Sri Lankan President’s action; therefore, hijacked the Sri Lanka’s internal conflict and supported Tamil armed groups to keep Sri Lanka under the wings of India. Still Tamil leaders do not understand why India supported Tamil armed groups.

    President J R Jayewardene’s failed policies created riots in Sri Lanka; due to the riots thousands of Tamils moved to the Western countries. Eventually, the West hijacked the Sri Lankan civil war from India through the Tamil diaspora. India felt threatened by the Western countries’ move; and implemented the Indo-Lanka agreement to counterattack the Western influence in Sri Lanka. The 1987 Indo-Lanka agreement was the best solution Tamils could ever have. However, the Tamil diaspora leaders’ political knowledge weren’t adequate enough to understand this reality.

    The Tamil diaspora leaders fell into the trap of the West; and pushed the LTTE to fight against the IPKF. This mistake became the biggest disaster in the Sri Lankan history, including killing the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. More than hundred thousand people have died; and more than two hundred thousand people have injured since Tamils have refused to accept the Indo-Lanka agreement. The Tamils leaders have been fulfilling the foreign interests; instead of making right policies for their people.

    The West broke the Tamils. And it has started do the same to Sinhalese. If the Sinhalese leaders are not careful the country will be in a disaster. This is not a time to relax. The moment you relax you are done. Do not underestimate the Western leaders who have been ruling the world for the last 700 years. We must work with the West; but shouldn’t dance according to them while having a country in a strategic location. I urge the current government to take wise decisions; we do not want to regret for supporting you. Sri Lanka is in a strategic location than Singapore; but the Tamil and the Sinhalese leaders have not been able to utilize the Sri Lanka’s strategic location, due to lack of political knowledge and strategy.

  2. Rudra will be disappointed. The US is no longer interested. Therefore your campaigns have no value.

  3. people do not believe any more you or your organization has legitimate right to make such statements to public.former us attorney retired can do nothing for this mater. people of sri lanka not worry for that lecture. we like to see all Tamil living in the country must treated with dignity and respect.they all our people and suffered long period due to terrorists. now USA summer time so you can have some event to get money from Tamil living in the world by selling your transnational dream government. good luck to your business and great life in USA while many Tamils are suffering in the country.

  4. Anyone supporting Tamil Tiger movement should be prosecuted at UN for killing of thousands of innocent Sri Lankan civilians and captured armed force personnel by LTTE. At the moment only Tamil Diaspora runs the show at Geneva.

  5. Rajitha is a frog in a well and does not know the terrorist’s agenda out of the shores of Sri Lanka. His enemy has always been Mahinda but not the LTTE. He never uttered a word against the LTTE for fear of his life. He became enlightened during the During the December last year. Had he been in a postion like this ever before he would have struck a deal with the LTTE or tried to avoid war against terrorism. He is infamous for stupidity. Time will tell him who the LTTE are.

  6. Rudra is bluffing. When MS came to UK they could hardly muster handful and Rajitha is absolutely right to say that diaspora is silent and struggle to gather support for their protests. I live in UK for last 20 years and I see the difference.

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