Nishantha calls Ranil a woman

Nishantha-Muthuhettigama-02-278x300Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Member of Parliament Nishantha Muthuhettigama today accused Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of behaving like a woman.

Muthuhettigama said that the Prime Minister has no personality. He expressed regret over President Maithripala Sirisena’s connections with a “woman” like Wickremesinghe.

Muthuhettigama also said that as far as he is concerned the President of Sri Lanka is still Mahinda Rajapaksa.

With several opposition members now being arrested, Muthuhettigama says the media is afraid to report anything positive regarding Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“We are working at getting Mahinda Rajapaksa back into power as Prime Minister,” he added.

He also accused President Sirisena of being controlled by Wickremesinghe and the United National Party. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Government seem to be in panic, Jailing every top leaders of MR group. Though, not clear who the current leader is, but Rajitha a supporter of Chandrika and Ravi and Mangala and Ranil seem to have most saying in decision making. They came to power disguised behind MS Yahapalana banner. People vote for MS but he never seems to be in control. This is a clear picture of the National Government MS going to form after the general election.
    Compare this to the previous regime, President had a strong control through this brothers, they had a vision, after the war the whole country has turned in to a huge construction site. Construction was going in national and village level. Tourism rose to its peak, unemployment reached to its lowest, overall peoples spending power increased, shopping centres opened in every km.
    Then, Chandrika Ranil and MS using JVP and Champika, ran a massive corruption allegations but was actually unsuccessful. Only very few people mainly living in cities fell for the allegations. Main reason for his lost comes from loss of minority votes. Though living standard had improved in North tremendously due to tourism and developments it will take long time to heal their hearts after the war, but lost of Muslim votes totally due to racial stand of BODUBALASENA. Benefiting from local development in villages people in villages strongly backup MR. People now sensing the huge different, they seen the actual Yahapalanaya and who actually rule the country. Chadrika is known as most unsuccessful leader in the history of Sri Lanka, Ranil known for his failures, Ragitha, Ravi & Mangala known for talking not for performing, no wonder why this regime in panic even before MR comes to the stage”


    • Well said…!!! NOBODY CAN STOP MR coming back to power. People are with him. We’re eagerly waiting to kick them out…………………..

  2. What is wrong with a woman? Did you not have a mother? Some of these ignorant people need to get some education before get into politics!!!

  3. How about Ranil calling journalists “Sakkili”!and threatning them with jail? And how about Karu Jayasooriya inviting Mervyn Silva for an oppening ceremony? Before everybody against Mervyn and from the day he started talking against Gota he is fine!!

  4. Women are a part of our nation. They represent almost half the world. Nothing wrong with women? If he treats women bad he should be legally penalized for gender violations!
    These are the thugs who misled MR in the wrong direction after the commendable elimination of the LTTE threat. I think this guy is from Matara and played hell there during MR regime.They have no chance of getting elected. That is why all this unruly talk! It is not worth of even reporting them as they will not be there after the next election. People have had enough of thuggery!

  5. Clearly shows this guys ignorance. Does he even have the qualification and class to sit in the same table with a gentleman as Classy & intelligent as Ranil ?

    • He just about has enough qualification to sit on the floor and lick Ranil’s boots.

      This idiot badly needs a pair of shorts followed by a pack of rabid dogs behind him. That will cut him down to size.

  6. He is the gutless guy who ran away to Singapore during Presidential Election. Is he a man?? Look at his body and his shape. He cannot fit into a trousers and shirt. He is better off wearing saree.

    • What is this guy doing outside the jail. He should start serving one of many sentences to come . This guy has no brain but is a big thief and a thug .

      Get ready bro for some payback time .

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