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It is not often that a group of Backstreet Boys (BSB) fans from Sri Lanka get to go overseas and see the boys perform live onstage.

But recently three girls, Krishni Iresha Panditharatne, Keshiya Leitch and Dinesha Senaratne did just that. The trio from Sri Lanka saw BSB perform live in Thailand and Krishni Iresha later spoke about the experience and how it all came to be:

BSB Thailand
Keshiya, Dinesha and Krishni showoff their tickets for the BSB Thailand gig

Ah the 90s….. Probably one era that gave birth to so many genres of music that still thrives today. The 90s was also very big with pop music. Pop music was always there but during the 90s, I think it’s safe to say that the boom happened. It was a nuclear explosion of several artists such as the Spice Girls, Boyzone, Westlife and The Backstreet Boys.  The Backstreet Boys, who can forget them? They easily had almost every girl on the planet, at the time, wrapped around their fingers! Merchandise ranging from books to posters were items possessed  by their legion of fans.  Smash Hits and Top of the  Pops magazines were must haves for us girls, to read their latest news, ( Back then we had to resort to such means to get information as social media was not born yet )  get the posters and collect the song cards that came with every issue! The songs were immortalized in our song books, which we took to school, spent all our time talking about and then beg the prefects to give them back when they got confiscated!

The madness (or obsession as some would say), didn’t end there. We the BSB fans, claimed ownership to either Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, A.J McLean Howie D and/or Brian Littrell.

For years we proudly sang their songs at any given opportunity. Little did Keshiya Leitch, Dinesha Senaratne or I know that one fine day we will actually sing along with them.

That fine day was the 6th of May 2015 at the Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand. Backstreet Boys: In a World Like This: World Tour.

The 3 of us screamed hysterically when we collected the tickets at the venue, having already purchased them online a month ago.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8pm and we were already in our seats by 7:30. Its bad enough we pretty much waited all our lives to see them in the flesh, and this was going to be the longest 30 minutes of our lives. Little did we know the concert was going to start around 8:45pm. Was by far the longest time we had to wait in anticipation for anything!

Then, the crowd lights went out and on came the stage lights and a clip of the band. We just went into crazy fan mode the instant we saw them in the flesh! It really was a TEENHOOD dream come true to see them ‘pop’ on stage! The lights, the sounds and the boys themselves! The opening song was ‘ The Call’. It was amazing!

Keshiya and Krishi at the concert

There on, the Backstreet Boys enthralled us with back to back hits that we sang growing up! They even showed a few clips during little intermissions as they changed outfits. Throughout the concert there were different screen layouts and lights. They engaged with the fans really well and Brian even entertained us with his summersaults on stage.

During most of the concert we were not allowed to move from our seats however I have a knack of creeping my way around to the stage ( I want the best view ok, dont judge!) so towards the end of the show, when the lights were relatively dark, crept towards the stage and told Keshiya to keep an eye on me and follow my lead.

And I have to say the highlight of the show was indeed the final 10 minutes or so, when we were right near the stage and saw the Backstreet Boys probably 5 inches from the stage! We were so lucky we had Nick dance right in front of us and towards the end, we had Kevin dancing near us, who later gave the 2 of us a flying kiss! ( No video or pictorial evidence as we were busy screaming hysterically).

As a closing remark, I must add…CAN SOMEBODY BRING THEM DOWN TO SRI LANKA??? We will pay premium to see them!…Again 😀

(Colombo Gazette)


  1. you need to do pansal puja dhansal first or no front for gig woodstock, madi gras Glastonbury, Neon etc.
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