Lanka thanks Pakistan for backing at UNHRC

01 (1)Sri Lanka today thanked Pakistan for the support extended at international forums in general and at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in particular.

Pakistan together with China and Russia have consistently backed Sri Lanka at the UNHRC and voted against resolutions presented against the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena said not only the government of Sri Lanka but the entire nation is grateful to Pakistan for the enormous assistance provided to Sri Lanka to defeat the terrorists.

“Sri Lanka today stands as a peaceful unitary State because of your support,” he told the new Pakistani High Commissioner Maj. Gen (Rtd.) Syed Shakeel Hussain who presented his credentials today (May 12) at the Presidential Secretariat.

“Your Ambassador in Geneva fought for us as if he was fighting for his own country,” President Sirisena said.

The Pakistani Ambassador requested Sri Lanka to provide archaeological expertise to Pakistan for the excavation and development of Buddhist sites such as Thakshila and the President readily acceded to the request.

Ambassador Hussain said his government has a very high regard for President Sirisena and his steadfast policies and said he would work to further strengthen relations between the two countries and expand trade and economic ties. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. im not sure how Sri Lankans feel about us, but Pakistanis genuinely like Sri Lankans. Sri Lanka and Nepal are the only two South Asian countries we warmly like.

  2. THIS IS WHAT they during MR’s time. Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala gov. takes the credit? Ridiculous.

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