JVP wants the NEC dissolved

Anura KumaraThe Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today called for the National Executive Council (NEC) to be dissolved.

JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that the NEC had a mandate to work only for 100 days and so now its mandate is over.

Dissanayake, who is part of the NEC, said that the NEC was formed with the intention of giving advise to the Government from the day the new Government took office.

However he said that while the new Government was to be in office only for 100 days, the NEC was also given a mandate for 100 days.

He also noted that the Government under Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe does not have a mandate to continue in power.

Dissanayake said that it is not ethical for the Government to continue even after 100 days as the people had only backed the implementation of a 100 day programme at the January 8 Presidential elections.

“The people have also not approved a UNP-SLFP National Government,” he added.

The JVP leader also noted that on January 8 the people wanted legal action to be taken against corrupt politicians in Parliament.

However, he noted that some members of the current Parliament are working against the wish of the people by working against the Bribery and Corruption Commission.

As a result, he says the current Parliament must also be dissolved soon and a new Parliament elected through a General Election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. During the effort to remove MR at the election Anura Kumara led a correct path.I was very impressed. The idea was not only to remove him but also to setup a workable democratic governing process that was all but uprooted by MR.This is a process does not end after 100 days! There are many crooked politicians from the previous government and also from the UNP still a part of Sirisena government. NEC is required to be active until a viable solution is found which probably will be after the parliamentary elections that should be held without the ‘Manape’ ! Is he now fearing that the new system will bring no JVPers in to the parliament and hence trying to avoid it.

  2. JVP is/was most ruthless and anarchist /terrorist outfit in Sri lanka since 1965. People of Majority has lost trust on JVP, that anti-establishment and anti-democratic policy practice since then.

    Though the absolute number of majority JVP carders in occupied Sri lanka , seems to be high terrorist ,they were actually spread terrorism in our tiny an Island.

    While Sri lanka’s political misery that eroded the democracy under by the UNP Ranil.W.. CBK & MS regime the prestige and legitimacy of Parliamentary norms and government has been disappear; the JVP were able to turn the anarchist advantage.

    JVP ‘s claims were propagandist exaggerations, which came to be widely disbelieved democracy of Island.
    During 1971 and 1988/89 JVP came out difficult situation carries in Sri lanka, to be termed the THREE ALLS—policy, KILL ALL, BURN ALL, LOOT ALL, which meant savage reprisals against people in villages for harboring guerrillas and against any individuals suspected of opposing JVP RULE.
    Such political party now call for DEMCRACY IS NOTHING ELSE HYPOCRACY.

    Due to JVP terrorist policies good people vanished without a trace and bandits arose in great number, committing murders and rapes every day.
    This was actually happen in 1988/89 under the JVP insurrection.
    How can such political party turn into Party of DEMOCRACY?

    • Milton seems to be buried in the past era. what is the point talking about thing years ago when worst things happening at present due to corrupt and dirty politics by major parties. JVP is only a scar of a wound where UPEF led government was a spreading foul smelling cancer absorbing innocents people’s money and depriving people of freedom and fundamental rights covering that wound with a piece of gauze of bogus development and bogus democracy, and UNP is a non cancerous pus pouring wound covered with a fragment of gauze of bogus yaha palanaya protecting rogues like mervin sylva, duminda silva and CB governor. Now politically ignorant people like Milton try to taste these putrid wounds pointing finger at a scar of a wound. What a paradox? What an irony? What a crazy

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