CBK sees a threat to good governance

CBK4Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga today warned that there is a threat to good governance and to those who accept good governance in Sri Lanka.

Speaking at an event at the New Town Hall in Colombo today, the former President noted that while there are several political parties working together in the Government, all are working for good governance.

“There are those who were in the former Government and who reaped the benefits in the wrong way. They are now working against the new Government and good governance,” she said.

Kumaratunga, who played a key role in President Maithripala Sirisena’s victory at the January 8 Presidential elections, also said that those who suffered from the war must have their rights secured.

She said that while the new Government is working towards addressing the concerns of those who suffered during the war, there are others who are attempting to derail that process.

Kumaratunga noted that a Task Force has also been appointed to look at the issues faced by the people who suffered by the war in the North and East.

The former President also noted that it is not the duty of the Government to provide employment to each and every person in the State sector.

She said that the public must also get good education and seek employment in the private sector as the Government alone cannot meet the demand for more and more jobs. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. CBK did not do anything for the country. CBK and Sanath (COMI SANA) was corrupted too. Shameles CBK please stay away from Sri Lanka. Please take Ranil too.

  2. You were hardly an effective administrator as a President of a country. There were the many who gained in an illicit manner during her regime. She did not have the courtesy of having expressed concern about her neighbors during her occupation of Presidents house, where they were put to immense inconvenience and some small business suffered as a result. Even the Central Bank bombing could have been prevented if the so called experts of security acted to the obvious threat made by the LTTE on the bank, which was a expected ocurrence.

  3. They (Ranil, Mangala , Ravil…)joke about military operations even closer to the end of the war. Just like now complaint about corruption in war spending, now in power thanks to Chandrika, Ranil and MS plot, Suppose former president had handed over the power to MS and Ranil state at when the war at 90% completed, I am 100% sure the war going to be still here, these unpatriotic people does not have guts to stand off the pressure from western world.

  4. The fault is with the present government. Immediately after the Presidential election victory the parliament should have been dissolved for an election. But the Government went on pilgrimage to Indian temples allowing the defeated time to rise again. Today’s problem would not have come if the Parliament was dissolved immediately Sirisena won. –Paramm

  5. Yahapalanaya should start the investigation for CBK corruption soon. She ran away from country and thought she is safe in England and can hide her corruption during her term, New law let the police to charge ex-president.

  6. This is the woman who was convicted of corrupt financial dealings during her tenure by the Supreme court of Sri Lanka. For Miathree, Ranil, Mngala, JVP, Champika Ranawaka,(Rev) and Rathana,. Sobhitha, Arjuna Ranatunga, Srath Fonseka Ravindran Krunanakam, Dr Dewasiri of the University Teachers union to embrace this person speaks volumes of their honesty, integrity and loyalty to this country.
    Who needs terrorists and separatists as enemies of this nation when there are poisonous snakes like them in our midst?

  7. Yes madam, You’re tenure was full of good governance…
    Good governance is not just corruption and trying your foes.

  8. Mrs. Bandaranaike is mainly responsible for the political chaos that Sri Lanka is facing today. The government is directionless with lots of constitutional and administrative issues. They have eaten mouthful in a hurry, and unable chew and eat. MS, RW and CBK could talk about new constitutions, national reconciliation and able to travel throughout the length and breadth of Sri Lanka thanks to MR who at the risk of losing his political life brought this country to normalcy. it is easier to deliver arm chair punditry than facing the problem head on.

  9. Why isn’t swift action taken against those who reaped the benefits in the wrong way ? Put them away for max time as the law allows. They will not be able to interfere with the choice of the people.

    • Yes thats should also include CBK, MS, Rajitha RW etal and even the UNP government before this.
      The above named too reaped the benefits the wrong way the only difference is MR did something that nobdoy dared to do… Now we go about shouting shut the up to the Max!!!

      • MR should have done some thing about previous corrupt people. But he believed that corruption is OK from the time he swindled tsunami money. He is the head of a corrupt family. Gave the green light for all around to be corrupt. He did that to cover his sins and his degenerate family.

  10. She only has alegations against Rajapaksa government. Rajapaksa did not stay in power as long as you did. Rajapaksa ended the war that you could not. Rajapaksa too the country to 21st century. Rajapaksa revived the airliner that was destroyed by Prabakaran during your time. You are a spoiler who helped a traitor to come to power.

    • bullshit…!!! rajapakse & his family & cronies are the biggest crooks…..in the this country’s corrupt political history…..!!! where the COUNTRY…is raped by so called crooked politicians…..!!! during her terms in office….2 cold blooded murderer’s,,,,…..got away scott free…..& one is in parliament even now……!! the other is a crook…who was in / the thug….of the casino industry……say no more…..99% of sl politicians are crooks……ds senanayake…dudley senanayake…& ms…..exclude….!!!

      • Rajapaksha family wow they grab our freedom to walk freely in Sri Lanka. Crooks. That gentleman Batalanda Millienum City is our savior. Please help us. Damn MR. We will do our best to destroy your name. I miss those beautful songs sang by Great UNP sons and daughters with Tamil Hearos.

      • you ruin the country during your time and doing the same thing again. you are curse to this country

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