President acts on Wilpattu issue

Maithripala-SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena today issued orders to immediately halt the deforestation and allocation of land to people inside the Wilpattu National Park.

The order was issued following allegations that people were being resettled inside the park illegally.


  1. Former president as well as the present president and prime minister turned a blind eye towards the activities of some ministers who illegally encroached state lands and lands belonging to displaced tamils.This practice still happening in Mannar district and Batticaloa district.Recently a muslim minister from east was trying to occupy the lands belonging to tamils in Vakarai,Meeravodai etc.If the muslim community is over populated,they must talk with the goverment and ask for the lands without occupying others land.

  2. Rasihd Budiheen is most corrupted minister in MR ruling alliance.
    They were kept silence during all evils acts of Rasied to in keep power. These are wrong footing of politics norms by last ruling class party politics.
    Which has undermine national democracies and valued accepts by all
    Sri lankns.
    Rasied has no power of authority to resettle Muslims in National Park of Wilpattua lands are national reserved for the animals.
    That is belongs to animals and reserved existence rights animals in Sri Lanka. Abused and misused by Muslim community is that foul play by Rashied Budeen must bring before court of Law.
    President should sack Minister overnight taking interest of Country.

  3. Dear Gamini Dullewa,

    I’m sure that the joke is on the trolling you. I’ve noticed that “The Colombo Telegraph” for instance has started saying that your comments have been removed because they are inappropriate. These times are too important for us to be anything other than responsible in our comments,

    So, what you are really acknowledging is that Maithri ought to have been appointed Prime Minister by Mahinda R., but that such things just didn’t happen owing to nepotism.

  4. THIS GUY created ALL THIS MESS risking sri lanka’s sovereignty ALL BECAUSE MR didnt offer him premiership…………LOOK WHAT happened now…????

    ALL THE PROMISES THIS GUY GAVE TO minorities to bag their vote is now TAKING A TOLL ON the country………….

    • Lol you are not more than of an idiot who never uses their own head and who solemnly accepts everything told by a person whom you never met or spoken to wholeheartedly, and given the chance of internet and maybe a pc which you use only for trolling in news sites for some fetish one of a kind for wasting both the time of you and whoever reads this thing i just made up .

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