Mahinda denies Mangala’s allegations


MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapakse today denied allegations by the government that he had siphoned off state monies during his decade long tenure in office and also held assets worth US$18 billion overseas.

Rajapakse’s response came a day after Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told journalists in the capital Colombo said that according to intelligence reports, the former leader had stashed away billions of dollars in foreign countries and was involved in mass scale corruption.

The Foreign Minister further said that Rajapaksa and family were number two among Heads of State and government who had stashed away billions abroad according to a list prepared by Transparency International (TI) Germany.

Samaraweera also revealed that Sri Lanka had the backing of four nations to trace these illegal monies and assets owned by the former leader.

Rajapakse, however, in a statement released today denied all allegations, stating that neither he nor his family held any secret offshore accounts or held any assets overseas and blamed the government for carrying out a false propaganda to ruin his image.

“In making the statement about my family’s supposed USD 18 billion fortune, Minister Samaraweera took the precaution of adding that he does not know whether this information is correct or not. By covering himself in that manner, fiction can be passed off as fact,” he said.

“I would like to inform the public once again that neither I nor my wife and sons nor my brothers have secret offshore accounts or illegal overseas investments in front companies,” Rajapakse said.

The former leader and his brothers are under a corruption probe in the country after his surprise defeat at the Jan.8 Presidential election to his one time health minister Maithripala Sirisena.

During a recent discussion with the new Sri Lankan President, Rajapakse urged Sirisena to drop the investigations against his family and supporters which was turned down. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Instead of denying, which is MRs trait, can he please convince the Voting
    public that he did disclose an Assets Declaration Form for the last PE and
    here it is !!!! What a simple thing to do, if he did not put blank papers in
    the sealed envelope and this honest EC claimed it is a Secret Docm. ! !

    He cannot disclose this Form as he knows a future investigation into his
    assets will NEVER tally. Basil claimed that they had only Paddy Fields in
    their Village for assets !!!!!

  2. I read about the “talks” between president Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapakse. MR denied having 18 billion abroad.

    Those who know Mahinda know that he has a horrible lying spirit in him, received probably from his Horoscope Chief !! We have heard him say

    1) When CNN Delhi correspondent Sara Sidner asked about Tamil civilian deaths, after the war, he said that not a single Tamil civilian was killed, after he carried out Tamil genocide killing more than 80,000 women and children in a “no fire zone”.

    2. He was a party to the murder of Journalist Lasantha Wickremasinghe and pretended that it was someone elses work.

    3. He cheated Buddhists, pretending to be one practicing it, but made the monks and Buddhists to lose their humanity and spirituality inherited from their good natured forefathers.

    4. His lies prevent him from being taken to the Hague to face charges for war crimes.

    One can go on. But my question is why is such a criminal not behind bars, the right place for such a person ?

  3. I, As Citizen, will not believe your statements from you, You’ve got long history of denying accusations including the violation of Human rights and other phases charges were leveled against you and your family. Thereby, I would strongly encourage you to disseminate your assets and investment.

    Denying such accusation is nonsense, If you’re clean man or very seriously, I would once again encourage you to reveal your investment and the facts that leveled against you.

    • First, you can ask Mangala where the Money is. He should know the place where MR has deposited Money, unless how does he calculate the total amount? These politicians know that Sri Lankans like to swallow any lie without asking any question?

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