Katchatheevu not open for talks

KatchatheevuThe government today said that it would not hold any discussions with India over an issue to renegotiate the Katchatheevu island which is located in the Palk Strait after a recent proposal by Tamil Nadu urging the Indian government to re-discuss with its neighbours.

The island which is known for its strategic importance and special significance for fishing operations in the area was ceded by India to Sri Lankan in 1974.

However the Tamil Nadu Parliamentarians on Thursday said the Indian government must reconsider the exchange of Katchatheevu as it was not done through a constitutional amendment and has not served India’s interest.

Cabinet Spokesperson Rajitha Senaratne however said that the government would not hold discussions with India on the matter as the island belonged to Sri Lanka.

“Katchatheevu is an integral part of our country and we are not open for discussions on this matter. I am sure even the Indian central government will not consider raising this issue,” Senaratne said.

In June 2011, the Tamil Nadu government led by former Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the declaration of the 1974 and 1976 agreements between India and Sri Lanka on ceding of Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka as unconstitutional.

In 2014, M. Karunanindhi, Tamil Nadu politician and past Chief Minister, filed a writ petition seeking, retrieval of the island from Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Under JADApalanaya the WHOLE SRI LANKA is OPEN FOR TALKS……………JADApalanaya SETING THE STAGE eelamists to grab NE first and then whole of sri lanka because Ranil/Chandrika/Mangala thinks sinhalaya in sri lanka has a monopoly in everything and therefore must be taught a good lesson……….

  2. Ela….talk eka Mr rajitha you are very INTELLIGENT,smart,clever,bright,brilliant and strong

  3. Will Rajitha Senaratne ever learn to speak only if he is required to speak. He has been opening his mouth ever since the election victory and speculating and giving unsubstanciated information like some of Uthayan reports. Say only thing if you are 100% certain and you have to say them.

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  5. “The island which is known for its strategic importance and special significance for fishing operations in the area was ceded by India to Sri Lankan in 1974”
    Above statement is completely wrong. There is no ceding of Kachchathvu or any other island to Sri Lanka by India. What actually happened was India accepted Sri Lanka’s sovereignty over the Kachchathvu island through 1974 agreement. India’s ceding of Kachchathvu to Sri Lanka is a lie fabricated by Tamil Nadu politician. Unfortunately our people also spreading the same lie.

    • That is the problem. Kachatheevu was owned by an indian king and there are land records to show that he was even paying taxes to the british govt. When the britishers went it bacame his personal property. It was never sri lanka property.

      The ceding part was the frauduant conversion of indian territory into sri lankan territory without due process of law. In any event the 1974 agreement is invalid as it was not approved by indian parliament.

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