Maldives seeks Sri Lanka’s support

097065-maldives-protestThe Maldives today said it is seeking Sri Lanka’s support as it faces pressure from the international community over recent arrests.

Ambassador-at-Large at the Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Naseer, told the Colombo Gazette that the wrong picture has been portrayed over the May Day arrests.

Naseer, who is in Sri Lanka to brief foreign diplomats based in Colombo with regards to the incident, said that the Maldives police acted in accordance with the law after being provoked.

US Secretary of State John Kerry had raised concerns over the arrests when he visited Sri Lanka recently and had talks with the Sri Lankan Government.

Naseer however said that Sri Lanka had not spoken on the issue and the Maldives will seek Sri Lanka’s support in the face of international criticism.

Over 200 protesters were arrested following the May Day protest in the Maldives which was staged by the opposition, including the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP).

The MDP accused the Maldives Government of blocking freedom of expression but Naseer insisted that the May Day protest could have gone ahead if it was peaceful.

He said that the organisers of the protest had initially assured the police that the protest will be peaceful but had later protested with the motive of seeking support to overthrow the Government.

Naseer said that the protesters had also attempted to promote Islamic radicalism through the protest march. Most of those arrested have since been released. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. One can lie hundreds of times but the truth is very clear. On that day Maldives police special force scted just like wild animals. They used extreme force to disperse the crowd and heaten up elderly people includin women and even pregnant women. They used rubber bullets as well. How can you guys hide all these facts when there thoudands of video footage showing all thus. Crazy goverment idiotic police.

  2. I am a Maldivian,.

    Never being on any Political Party., in 2013 Election Voted for M. Nasheed,. and on the fifth time voted for YAG,. I as I saw that, he is not a man who will give-up. M. Nasheed might give up for his people,.

    The reason I knew. MN would give-up is, the whole world knows during his time of Government He have not elected bunch of people form his family, to run the Government, but the capable people. Some might say the people he elected are friends of him, YES might be, he started freedom fight back in 2002, till 2008 all the people who joined his Party.. if you call them they are all his friends than OK>> I don’t think SO..

    Yameen, a History of suspected fraud cases, So a person who had this much would do anything, to win. For him to get the seat was an getting a return of Investment, they planned back in 2012.

    People of Maldives, I have not disclosed my name, but I sat with Yameen during an Parliamentary Bi-election in 2011. Don’t trust me but open your own eyes and look.. The Majority of the Big Chairs are Hold by, Family and Friends, and Connections of His Childhood friend Sun Siyam.

    You all would think that the Government is ruled by the Yameen, ask your self a question, During M. Nasheed, his most nearest people like AAA Owners, who had nothing to do with Government, traveled with him to any big meetings,.

    Recently, you can see the Biggest meeting with: Places like Dubai DP-World, Sun Siyam was along side, why ?? Ask this question from your self.

    GMR Deal was made by, M. Nasheed: MVK Shafeeq was a supporter of M. Nasheed, but what happen to be fair to GMR, Government had to move MVK Bonds from airport.. Ask these questions?

    Find any pictures of M. Nasheed traveling to meet big finance companies or governments with any of his personal friends who have nothing to do with Govt,.. Now you would say Sun Siyam is a MP,. MDP Aslam is also an MP,..

    The other big question is, how many people from local Islands are actively taking place in PPM leadership.. MDP leader ship, Ali Waheed, Shifaz, Dr. Didi, Shaeikh Hussain Rasheed, etc etc. Where are they from..

    At the end: How many Businesses M. Nasheed or his family have.. Does he have a Mohamed Nasheed Foundation, most of all his International lawyers are also charity,.. Not like highly paid doctors, like Yameen Hired recently..

    How many hours M. Nasheed have spend in Maldives visiting the local Islands, and How Many minutes Yameen have sat foot in local Islands, how many hours out of the Nation. Now you would say out of the nation to get finance for the nation..

    The Nation you are talking about is: A Nation which would have been the best, not today we have to talk about to develop the country as Singapore.. Long before..

    Now, they are saying no Jobs in Male’ and lots of people living in tiny places.. Maldivians have their own big Lands in Local Islands, but when you develop 1 Island, this would be the result. .

    I am neutral and do not support to any political parties in Maldives, but surely onething I know, if this regime stays for this 5 years, it will remain for 50 years.. That is what they are doing by, making their connections strong with Pakistan, China. and leaving India aside.. and now Targeting Sri Lank..

    We all Indian Ocean should know.. were we live is called Islands of Indian Ocean,. Not China Ocean.. For how long India have helped us,. so do not let that nation down who have helped us, countless and in return never asked anything..

    All the most of the current leaders are brazenly lying to public. Accept Dr. Jameel, he is calm cause he is in a place, where he cannot make a move. e.g. You would remember what Umar Naseer was saying before about our Current President,. and after the Statement of MAG, Now what he is saying.. Please do not let the others call you, that you are stupid and blind, people who are currently on the sinking boat of PPM.

    Sincere apologies if there are typing error. as I am very angry and typing from my phone..

    Hope at the end of this Month before 26 July this will end.. and if it happens .. I will disclose my self that is a promise. I remind this website to send me a reminder.

  3. I dont think sri lankans would forget that nasheef helped them with lltte war nasheed stood with sri lankans in the un supported them. Why would sri lanka approve of nasheeds arrest.sri lanka will never support this authoritarian dictatorship

  4. Maldivian government is violating constitutional rights of the people. International community must help the people stop yameen’s brutality & lawless acts

  5. Some of the things that I intend saying may sound facetious, so let me start by stating unequivocally that the sufferings of Mohamed Nasheed are tragic.

    Dear, dear, President Yameen, you’ve got it all mixed up. Had your fellow autocrat, Mahinda Rajapaksa been still in power, you may have got somewhere with this request of yours. Unfortunately, President Maithripala Sirisena is a man who pledged to be a “servant” of the people. We do know that ex-President Mohamed Nasheed had to compromise during his three years in office, but he was a decent man, and a democrat, so you desrve the strongest possible opprobrium of the world for what you are continuing to do.

    Yes, by all means appeal to pariah states like Pakistan, but keep in mind also how the rule of many of their leaders ended.

  6. Y. Gayyoom’s government I’d torturing their own citizens who stood up against injustice, and celebrating their torture with fireworks.

  7. It is sad that MDP and JP is helping to topple the legitimate government by using radical extremists like Sheikh Imran.

  8. Why not India helping us in this matter? India should send their military here to help democracy.

  9. Please Naseer! Police brutality in our face all over Facebook & other social media platforms live from location. Are you out of your mind?

  10. What lies Mohamed Naseer is telling. People were arrested brutally, and no one who were arrested is released till now each one was given 15 day prison sentense feom the criminal court. And most of the detainees r subjected to police brutality.

  11. Come on Naseer. Don’t lie to the International community. I am sure the International community is fully aware of all the dirty trick of the Yameen’s Government

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