Government insists no politics in probe

RajithaThe Government today insisted that the investigations being conducted by the police Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) is not influenced by any politician.

Cabinet spokesman and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that the Gazette notification issued once the FCID was launched may need some amendments but the probe will go on.

“Even the President said that the investigation does not have a political hand,” he said.

Senaratne said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had raised concerns over the FCID when he met President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday.

However he said that the President had noted the investigation is part of the promise given in the President’s election manifesto so it will continue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When a poor man robs a grocery stores to feed his hungry wife and children, he is bundled into the Police van and next day he is imprisoned for 2 years or more but when corrupt politicians empty the treasury to the tune of multimillion rupees, there are various arguments going on in this country as to
    whether those crimes should be investigated or dropped and the President of all people, giving replies.

    Today’s most daring revelation by the foreign minister, that 18 Billion dollars, which may be higher
    than the budget just passed, was bundled out the country, unlawfully , should open the eyes of every right thinking Sri Lankan and should ask the unison for FCID to be strengthened and they will in future look for a genuine person to vote, irrespective of their party affiliations .Can this small country afford to lose billions of dollars, smuggled by the politicians on a routine basis. This money is not earned
    by the country but got by way of loans from China and this govt. has to pay back some day with high interest and taxes and prices of commodities like fuel will go up to pay up the debts.

    Strengthen the FCID with more officials and let them carry on with the investigations and corrupted
    people when found , should be imprisoned, who ever he or she may be. India has a similar organization(presume its CBI) and industrialists , film stars , money launderers, business tycoons, money hoarders and tax evaders are “Shit’ scared of this department as when they find the law breakers, they are hauled into jails and questions asked later. Even PM Modi does not interfere with this dept. and they
    act independently.
    FCID should come under the President and they should act independently and the president must oversee the dept. to check whether there are any excesses in their handling. This is the only way corruption in our country can be controlled. The joke of the week was that the opposition was to
    bring a vote of no confidence motion against Bribery commissioner, while the same opposition
    stalwarts sprited away 18 Billion dollars 18 billion dollars of people’s money, out of the country
    and stacked in overseas banks. For some it look a fantasy story as this kind of large scale of
    smuggling people’s money never happened before.

  2. Mr.Senaratna

    Please keep it up.

    Do not hesitate under any circumstances to recover the 18 Billion US Dollars from Mahinda and his family.

    Once recovered they must be put behind bar.

    No more politics for any member of Rajapakse family.

    While we are straving for food see how Rajas were stealing our oney.

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