Jayampathy calls for new constitution

jeyampathyJayampathy Wickramaratne, the leader of a three-member team that prepared the 19th Constitutional Amendment in Sri Lanka, called for a new Constitution which will include a fresh Bill of Rights and address the issues of devolution of powers to provincial councils and power sharing at the Centre.

Pointing out that the 19th Amendment did not cover the issues of devolution and power sharing, the expert told The Hindu on Monday that “ideally speaking, we should have a brand new Constitution. We cannot go on with this Constitution. It has been amended so many times.”

The proposed Bill of Rights, which would be a “great improvement” over Fundamental Rights of the existing Constitution, would not only have civil and political rights but also social, economic and cultural rights. Arguing for stronger Provincial Councils and power sharing at the Centre, Dr. Wickramaratne said Provinces and various communities should share power at the Centre and this should be done “to strengthen the Centre without weakening the periphery.”

On the relevance of the 13th Constitutional Amendment which was enacted subsequent to the India-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987, the expert said that despite the Amendment having “lacunae,” it should be implemented fully and for the time being. “It permits the Centre to take back powers. Every comma and full stop in the 13th Amendment has been used by those who are against devolution to take back powers.”


  1. We cannot accept that proposed by Jayapathy’s version of New Constitutional to reestablish base on infulance of 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka Accord by Indian RAW.
    We as nation lost and surrender ours National Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity by UNP-JRJ so-called accord. UNP-Ranil W… & CBK and Jayampaty, is politically committed follow the line of capitulation to be surrender , that Ours national sovereignty tie up with vested interest Tamil Separatism and Eealism back by TNA and LTTE political agenda.
    The proposed capitulation New Constitution is that origin by US and Indian back policy of divided an Island one for Tamil and other Non-Tamils, the promoter is Jayampathy.
    Jayapathy who is not an expert Democratic Constitutional changer or encourage of Principally democratic rights by himself in past.
    He is Ex-Trotskyist-LSSP ‘s background by feed by anarchist ideology had been undermine ours democracy norms many many years.
    Now he is seems to be appear to on befalf of Tamil seperatist turn to that bail out our nation from political and constitutional crisis In favor of Tamil separatism is that agenda back by US and Indian -RAW.
    No doubt this is another political conspires against democracy and people of Sri lanka by agent of Jayampaty.

  2. Fully agree with the notion of a bill of rights and freedom as a must in a new constitution and devolution of power to the provinces and inclusion of Sinhala and Tamil as official languages and the English language encouraged as a world language in most schools as we live in a global world.

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