It’s not just the outer beauty: Marianne

gallery_photo1416917756SriLanka_Beauty_001For Marianne Page, it is not all about trying to win the Miss. Universe pageant but the experience you get out of it and friends you make.

Marianne Page represented Sri Lanka at the recent 63rd Miss Universe pageant held at the Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

Speaking to the Colombo Gazette on her return to Sri Lanka, Marianne says it was a great privilege to represent Sri Lanka at the event and it was also an amazing experience being able to meet so many beautiful women from around the world and get to know their different cultures and personalities.

“I have learnt from this experience that whether you win or lose it does not matter as each and every woman on that stage was a winner as they represented their country bringing their individual uniqueness to the pageant. We also got the opportunity to go to many events meeting many people. It was also rather hectic as everyday there was something planned out from photo-shoots, interviews and appearances which left us with no free time,” she said.

Asked how she prepared for the big day, Marianne says she maintained a positive and calm attitude throughout the weeks leading to the finals and focusing on the experience of it all and not concentrating on the competition factor too much.

Unfortunately, she says, towards the last few days prior to the preliminaries and final day she was not well yet needed to remain confident and strong for just a few more days.

“All the contestants were friendly and smart. I have to mention a particular incident that I personally experienced and shocked me in a good way.

It was when I was putting my national costume together by myself and was finding it a little difficult, some of the girls, to name a few, my roommate Korea, Nigeria, Malaysia and Singapore took the time and helped me fix my costume. When they were helping me I realised that this is what this experience is all about, being able to come together miss-universe-contestant-marianne-page-dbab-diaporamafrom different parts of the world and supporting each other, putting aside that it is a competition but making friendships along the way. I also have to mention that I was lucky to have Miss Korea as my roommate because she was a genuine, kind-hearted woman who was there for me from the beginning and we got on so well together,” she added.

Marianne says the experience she got at the Miss. Universe pageant has made her an even more confident and independent individual and those are attributes that she knows would help her in the future.

She also says she will continue to use her Miss. Sri Lanka title to help the less fortunate and educate young girls on the importance of inner beauty as that is what counts the most in life.

“People are often mistaken about what a beauty pageant is, they think it’s all just based on beauty which is incorrect as inner beauty and brains play a part. Inner beauty is what makes a woman, being genuine, kind hearted, caring, passionate and strong, those are qualities that each and every woman should have,” she said.

So after a great experience and putting Sri Lanka in the spotlight in Florida, Marianne says looking back after returning home, her biggest memory is the fact that no matter what the circumstance is there are still genuine people who will support you and come to your assistance.

“This is, as mentioned before, regarding my national costume. Also the way we were treated, made us feel like we were living a celebrity life for example being escorted by police for events,” she adds.

Marianne’s profile on the Miss. Universe pageant website notes that her long-term dreams include becoming an entrepreneur and travelling the world experiencing diversity, as well as obtaining a Master’s Degree in Law while her short-term goal is to represent her country successfully and showcase how much Sri Lanka has to offer to the world. We wish her all the best. (Colombo Gazette)