MR accuses the TNA (Audio)

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) of taking forward the propaganda of slain LTTE leader Vellupilla Prabakaran.
Speaking at an election rally in Vavuniya today in support of the UPFA candidates contesting the northern provincial council elections, the President said that there is no difference in what the TNA is saying today and what Prabakaran said back then.
The President was referring to the election manifesto of the TNA which was made public recently in Jaffna.
“When you look at the election manifestos of some people today you find that they are asking for what was asked over four years ago. I will not let anyone divide this country the same way I did not allow Prabakran to do it,” he said.
He recalled that as a result of the war, Muslims and Sinhalese were forced out of their homes and democratic Tamil leaders were assassinated.
“This government is firmly against racial discrimination. We respect all religions. We must get together to rebuild this country as Sri Lankans,” he said.
The President further added that the Northern Province has been given equal benefits similar to that given to other provinces following the end of the war.
He accepted that there are land issues in the North but assured that those issues will be resolved in due course. (Colombo Gazette)