SLC accepts Mathivanan’s resignation

An emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) was held yesterday at the SLC Head Quarters. At this meeting the letter of resignation sent by SLC Vice President K. Mathivanan was tabled for the committee’s consideration.  Upon tabling, the committee unanimously accepted the resignation submitted by Mathivanan, Sri Lanka Cricket said in a statement today.
The members of the Executive Committee expressed their utmost surprise and disappointment relating to certain deplorable comments made to the media by Mathivanan.
It was also noted by the committee, that certain media reports had quoted Mr. Mathivanan pertaining to his resignation from SLC.  It has been observed that in some instances the former Vice President of SLC has cited the lack of responsibilities given to him as a reason for his resignation from his post at SLC.
The SLC statement said that the Executive Committee of SLC  appointed Mathivanan as the Chairman of the Sponsorship Committee. Further he was appointed as a member of the National Development Committee (The committee Chaired by SLC President Jayantha Dharmadasa) and the Cricket & Coaching Committee. Hence Mathivanan was entrusted to the leadership of the main Sub Committee formed to derive revenue for SLC and was given the opportunity to contribute towards all areas of Cricketing matters within the organization.
However the Executive Committee was disappointed by Mathivanan’s commitment towards his entrusted duties as a Vice President, Chairman of a Sub Committee and a member of the two Cricketing committees due to his lack of presence. The resigned Vice President attended only 2 Executive committee meetings during his tenure out of the nine meetings which were held.  Mathivanan also failed to attend a single meeting out of all three sub committees which left the Executive Committee in a predicament.
In conclusion SLC wishes to express its grave displeasure towards the perceptively contradicting statements given by the onetime Vice President of SLC which brings forward malicious and misguiding intent on his part. (Colombo Gazette)