Muslims are not terrorists (Audio)

Government Minister A.H.M Fowzie insists that Muslims in Sri Lanka are not terrorists and have no links with any foreign terrorist group.
Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo today, the Minister said that Muslims are for the protection of the peace.
“The Muslim communities have no links to Taliban or Al qaeda. They will protect the peace brought by the President,” he said.
Muslim groups in Sri Lanka had recently raised objection to comments made by Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa over fears of Muslim extremism in the country.
Rajapaksa had told a Defence Seminar in Colombo that intelligence agencies and the police have been alerted over the concerns.
He had said that it is known that some Muslim extremist elements attempt to use Sri Lanka as a transit country and there are fears that in that attempt they may spread their ideology in Sri Lanka.
He also said that there are fears that some groups are attempting to radicalize students in Sri Lanka through protests and agitation campaigns.
Rajapaksa also said that the extremist LTTE ideology still remains with LTTE supporters in Norway, France and other countries actively campaigning against Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


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