President assures the Muslims (Video)

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today assured the Muslims in Sri Lanka that he will do all he can to protect them.
The President said that the government has not only stood up for Muslims in Sri Lanka but also for Muslims in other countries as well.
Speaking to Muslims in Kandy today the President said that when he was elected President he gave an assurance that the LTTE will be defeated and democracy will be restored in the country and he did exactly that.
“Who was there when the Muslims were attacked in Kattankudy. When Muslims in Muttur were chased away I assured them that they will be resettled back in their homes. I did just that and chased away the LTTE,” he said.
The President said that now some political leaders are spreading false claims about him and the government.
“I am a good Buddhist. I worship three times a day like you worship five times a day. But it is because that I am a good Buddhist that I respect other religions,” he added. (Colombo Gazette) 


  1. Well done mr president.
    I am not a Muslim, and am a Buddhist. But this is a time I do not feel to say I am a Buddhist. We do have to punish all Buddhist monks who create social problems in the motherland you saved from latte idiots. Though I am living away from sri links I always love my country and I highly appreciated what you have done to achieve freedom of my people.

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