Basil to resign from key project

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa says he will step down from a key development project in the north and hand it over to the new provincial council administration which will be elected at the September 21 elections.
Speaking in Vaddukkoddai today the Minister said that he will stop handling the Uthuru Wasanthaya (Northern Spring) project following the elections.
The development program currently operates under his Ministry but the Minister said that soon after the declaration of the first ever northern Provincial Council he will hand it over to the new council.
“I will stop handling Uthuru Wasanthaya Program from September 22nd and pass the onus of continuing this program for the benefit of entire northerners on the shoulder of the new provincial  council which will be elected by the people of the province” the minister said.
The minister said that the people of the north have got an opportunity for the first time to elect a group of their own people to govern them according to the wish and will of the people.
“So there is a choice for the people on September 21st. They should decide whether they want the freedom, happiness and development with the self rule of the province by their own representatives or on the other hand they want a group that will lead them back to the dark era with  rhetoric  of  self rule without any means or resource to develop the province,” the government information department quoted the Minister as saying today.
The minister also drew the attention of the people to the previous local government elections and reminded them that the TNA asked for power promising development of Northern Province by channeling finances through the Diaspora, UN and the international community.  But they now claim they have no money to do anything.
The minister said that the TNA wants the  power not to work for the people but to tell the world that the Government machineries set up at Local government and Provincial level  have not provided any solution to Tamil problems.
“If this aspirations of TNA become a reality the people of the North will be deprived of the their economic freedom which is also a right of human being,” the Minister warned. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear minister Basil
    Please do not do it, you are handling this project nicely and honestly. You know what will happens if this end up in wrong hand, crooks.

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