Gota’s comment upsets Rishad

The Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen said the he and his party, the All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC), deplored the statement made by Defense Secretary Gotabaye Rajapaksha alleging Muslim extremism in the country.
He said that the statement seemingly gives credentials to the false claim made by certain communal elements. The Minister said that the elements are hired by some invisible forces to discredit the government in the international arena by whipping up communal hatred through cooked-up stories.
The Minister further said that pre-independence Sri Lanka had witnessed the Muslim leaders of that time contributing no less to the independence struggle than the leader of other communities.
“The tolerance that the Muslims have evinced in the face of provocative attacks on their places of worship and of their faith itself as well as their practices as Muslims which have been going on for more than one year now speaks for itself. In any country there are individual criminals such as murderers, smugglers, rapists and drug peddlers belonging to every community, to deal with whom there are laws. However, a tendency prevails today to depict a picture portraying the Muslim community as a whole as the culprit when a crime is committed by an individual Muslim while offenders belonging to other communities are treated as individual offenders,” he said in a statement.
He said that there has not been a single incident where a Muslim had been identified to have or arrested for having involved in extremist activities.
“Under these circumstances, Muslims all over the country deplore the said statement and are highly perturbed particularly at a time when there is sudden eruption of hatred directed at Muslims by certain interest elements which we believe needs to be investigated to get to its root. The ACMC as a partner in the government has stood with it in times of need. Therefore it is in the same spirit as well as in the best interest of the community that we represent that we call upon the defence secretary to clarify this statement so as to dispel any mistrust that the particular statement has created,” he said.


  1. This is like a run away pick pocket shouting and running to get away being caught after picking pocket saying “ONA HOREK ALLAPIYAU”. Obviously Gotta is who is playing the God Father role of BBS getting hold of some rogue criminal Cheara clad criminals are obviously up to mischief. Unfortunate thing is all the Muslim political leadership is in a competition to out do the competitors in this game to do the sucking, licking and doing all the slavery to MR Gvernment without having the guts to tell the government in strong terms what MR is up to, to the whole community to the public and to the Muslim world in one voice.

  2. Minister Bathiudeen
    Brave Rishard
    You are the only Muslim Minister who has stood up for the community while other Muslim ministers are hiding under Rajapakse’s screen notable the man who calls himself the SLMC leader.
    The world is aware it is Gothabaya Rajapakse who is organising the saffron clad terrorists and other elements against Muslims to attack mosques and Muslim businesses. He is the pioneer of the BBS and he is working secretly to destroy the Muslims.
    I challenge Gothabaya to adduce any evidence of Muslim terrorism or extremism in Sri Lanka.
    He should be aware we Muslims from other countries are watching what this all
    Powerful Muslim enemy is doing.
    Richard, we are with you at all times from wherever we are.
    All the best, Rishard.

    • Richard is also another Rajapaksa worshipper and corrupt thug who has found the courage only after Azad Salley criticised Gota’s speech. Hakeem, Rishard, Azwer and the rest of the so called Muslim leaders are a spineless and shameless corrupt opportunistic politicians taking the poor Muslims for a ride.

    • Hey brother, didn’t you read , the so called , SLMC leader , as Justice Minister’s comment long before your beloved Brave Rushard. Let all Muslim ministers of all parties, even the Ex Ministers from opposition join hands, in condemning before it is too

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