Swamy says no room for Eelam

India’s Janata Party President Dr. Subramanian Swamy says there is no justification for an Eelam state in Sri Lanka.
Speaking at the Defence Seminar in Colombo today Swamy said that the Tamils in Tamil Nadu have no right to demand for a separate state for Tamils in Sri Lanka.
He also said that Sri Lankan Tamils do not need foreign attention for their safekeeping as they feel secure that their children can go to school and come back home not fearing recruitment by the LTTE as child soldiers.
However he noted that it does not mean the Tamils do not want devolution of power but that issue, Swamy says, can be addressed democratically.
“Those in India who supported the terrorists are now being reduced to shedding crocodile tears,” the Indian politician added.
He also said that in any war there will be collateral damage especially if the civilians are used as human shields as the LTTE did.
“To single out Sri Lanka for human rights violations and there should be an international investigation for this is in my opinion absurd,” he added.
He also said that negotiating with terrorists is a dangerous thing.  (Colombo Gazette)