Polls not a sign of democracy

UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe says holding elections does not mean there is democracy in the country.
Speaking at a demonstration in Galle today Wickramasinghe said that for there to be democracy there needs to be media freedom, judicial independence and free and fair elections.
He said Zimbabwe President Mugabe has elections in his country but that does not mean he is not a dictator.
The UNP leader was responding to a statement made by President Mahinda Rajapaksa who had recently rejected allegations that he was a dictator.
The President had said that under his government several elections had been held, including a Presidential election and that was a sign of democracy in Sri Lanka.
Wickramasinghe also claimed that he had been prevented from holding election rallies at two places as the President is to hold election rallies at the same place and same time.
The UNP leader also spoke about the Weliweriya incident saying the people have not yet received a solution to their concerns.
He said that there will be a push for justice for the victims of Weliweriya killed during the clashes last month and those who suffered that day. (Colombo Gazette)