Dullas regrets Mervyn’s proposal (Audio)

Mervyn’s proposal to Pillay wrong
The government today apologised to the public “marriage proposal” made by Minister Mervyn Silva to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.
Minister Dullas Alahapperuma said that it was wrong for such a comment to be made and so h apologised on behalf of the government.
“Pillay’s age is just two years less than that of my mother.  How do you think I will feel if someone makes a marriage proposal to my mother. That is wrong. So I want to express regret on behalf of the entire cabinet,” he said.
He also said that under the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights the issue of the abuse of women is also addressed.
“This is not an attempt to score points with anyone. This is just wrong,” he said.
Minister Mervyn Silva had recently openly proposed to Pillay saying he is ready to marry her in order to keep her in Sri Lanka and show her what the country has to offer.
Speaking at an event in Maradana the Minister had said that although he is over 40 years old his body still works like his hands.
“If Muslims can marry four women what’s wrong in me marrying one more woman? We also should have a small chance,” the Minister said in the presence of Buddhist clergy at the event.
Minister Silva said that the UN Human Rights Chief should learn more about Sri Lanka’s history and not attempt to critisise the country without knowing the facts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Even dogs have feelings. Don’t talk about the feelings of govt ministers of Mervin calibre who are most precious to President.

  2. Mervyn Silava is an uneducated human being.What else do you expect from a creature like Silva.He is a shame to this country and the whole human race in Sri Lanka. He is not worthy enough to walk along the path where Ms, Pillay has walked.This is high time president reprimand this creature in public and ask him to apologise to Ms.Pillay for his stupid comment.

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