Vy puts ‘Ex Alien’ on top

It was her song but his version grabbed the interest of music lovers all over Sri Lanka. Who and what am I talking about? I’m talking about the popular track ‘Ex Alien’ by Medhani Deshapriya which has become a massive hit not just because of her original version but because of the cover sung by Vidhu Vy Jay.
Medhani’s version of the song has drawn mixed reactions, more for her accent and style than the song itself.
However Vy took the track to another level with his deep voice and it has already received airplay on local radio stations as well.
“I was absolutely stoked when I got to know that my cover had turned 4,000 views overnight. My version of the song was written and recorded in a couple of hours in a studio while I was recording my third single. But I am deeply touched at the response and support i’ am receiving for it both online and offline,” he said.
Vy says he wasn’t that crazy about Medhani’s version of ‘Ex Alien’ when he first heard it but yet he wanted to know what the son was all about.
“While reading the lyrics posted on a blog I then found parts of the lyrics to be quite interesting. The idea that everyone we come in contact with for the first time is an ‘alien’ to our environment and with time we accept them into our lives inspired me to rewrite and rearrange the original lyrics to interpret something I truly feel and believe. I wouldn’t consider it a greatest composition but the song has its merits in being different,” he said.
Vy has been singing ever since he was a child and he says be it strumming a guitar, playing keyboards or singing to great albums or just listening to the sounds of the world around him, music has been a very fundamental part of his life. vy2
“But in terms of the industry i’d say about 7 years now. I sang and composed for Breathspace (my first band) and about a year ago decided to pursue a solo career in music. So reaching deep into pretty much all my savings I went out and got myself some pretty neat studio equipment, a guitar and a keyboard and viola! I became a very happy camper,” he added.
So where did he get that amazing voice from? Vy says he hasn’t actually set foot at a singing school and the idea actually scared him at one point as he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to sing.
“But as a child I was always given freedom to sing and perform and sometimes scream as loud as i wanted just as long as the neighbors didn’t complain. And when they did my dad would hand me the keys to his car so that I could lock myself up in it and sing as loud as I wanted to,” he said.
Vy agrees that social media has taken his music to another level, not just locally but internationally as well.
“Up until i launched by solo career in music my stage was the world wide web. And social media provided an excellent medium for me to connect with all my supporters and increase the family of supporters. And i have met and have been introduced to some amazing people as a result that make me feel blessed and truly inspired. Social media has provided a stage for me to share my music with the world,” he added.
As for his future, Vy says at the moment he is planning to release a single every month and release an album mid 2014.
“I’m currently working on my next release which will also be my first music video which should be out in September 2013.That apart I’m looking forward to working with social causes in and around the country. As in the words of someone much wiser than me “The woods are lovely dark and deep, But i have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep” (Robert frost),” he said. (Colombo Gazette)
Report by Easwaran Rutnam