Rajya Sabha debates Katchatheevu

Members from India’s AIADMK, DMK, CPI and BJP today created an uproar in the Rajya Sabha over an affidavit filed by the India Government in the Indian Supreme Court on Katchatheevu, a small island ceded to Sri Lanka in 1974, and demanded that it be retrieved, the Press Trust of India reported.
There was also a demand that the government should strictly enforce the fishermen treaty between two nations.
V Maitreyan (AIADMK) raised the issue of affidavit reportedly filed by government in the Supreme Court last week.
“Katchatheevu is part of India…Entire Tamil Nadu is shocked that UPA government in an affidavit to Supreme Court ceded it to Sri Lanka. This is the greatest betrayal to Tamil Nadu,” he said.
Katchatheevu is an island under Sri Lankan control where Indian fishermen can rest and dry their nets under an agreement of 1974.
Launching a scathing attack on Congress for the step, Maitreyan said, “Congress considers this country is zamindari of government. Congress is anti-Tamil Nadu. People of Tamil Nadu will teach a lesson to Congress…Retrieve Katchatheevu to India,” he said.
He also referred to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s submission in the Supreme Court that Katchatheevu belonged to India and it was ceded to Lanka in an illegal manner without necessary Parliamentary approval.
D Raja (CPI) joined him saying, “We strongly deplore the affidavit by Government of India to Supreme Court. Government of India should demand reopening of Katchatheevu agreement and renegotiate it.”
Kanimozhi (DMK) said Kachchatheevu was under the control of the King of Ramanathapuram.
M Venkaiah Naidu (BJP) demanded calling an all party meeting on the issue while urging the Centre to recall its affidavit.
A large number of members associated themselves with Maitreyan’s demand for retrieving the islet to India saying fishermen from Tamil Nadu have been using the islet since ages for drying their nets.