Police will not be militarized (Audio)

Law and Order Ministry Secretary Major General (Retired) Nanda Mallawarachchi says the police service will not be militarized.
He said that he will not get his past career involved with his new role as the Secretary as he is a retired military officer.
He also said that he has a theme under which he will be working and that theme will be to maintain a good relationship between the police and public.
He said that he wants to create a situation where the public will have confidence in the police service and share information when required.
Nanda Mallawarachchi said this after assuming duties in his new office today. President Mahinda Rajapaksa had setup the new Law and Order Ministry recently which will function under him.
Major General (Retired) Nanda Mallawarachchi, a former Chief of Staff of the army, had been appointed as the secretary of the new Ministry.
Law and Order was earlier under the Ministry of Defence. (Colombo Gazette)