Fresh tensions in Weliweriya (Audio)

Fresh tensions have been reported from Rathupaswala, Weliweriya after a group of villagers led by the venerable Theripaha Siridhamma Thero launched a protest against the gloves factory which was at the center of controversy early this month.
The venerable Theripaha Siridhamma Thero said that he had launched a fast from today aginst the factory continuing to operate in the area.
He accused the factory of operating illegally and deceiving assurances given to the public following the clashes which occurred almost a month ago during a protest for clean water.
The monk said that he will stage a fast unto death until the factory is shifted from its current location.
A protest over contaminated water in Gampaha turned violent on August 1 when the army was deployed to disperse the crowd blocking the Colombo – Kandy main road.
The protesters objected to the army presence and even attacked some journalists who were covering the incident.
The protest was staged over drinking water in the area which was believed to have been contaminated from chemical waste released from the gloves factory in the area.(Colombo Gazette)