Court bans animal slaughter (Audio)

The Appeal Court today banned the slaughter of animals for religious purposes after a petition was filed by a group of Buddhist monks.
The Sanga Samelanaya filed the petition seeking a ban on animal slaughter at the Muneswaram Temple in Chilaw.
The Appeal Court ordered the police to prevent such animal slaughter from taking place.
The Sanga Samelanaya said that based on the court ruling if any place of worship needs to conduct animal sacrifice it will need a licence similar to that obtained by slaughter houses.
The Venerable Dombagoda Sarananda Thero said that the court order is also a response to some parliamentarians who campaigned in support of animal slaughter for religious purposes.
“We filed the case about a year ago against the  Muneswaram Temple and got the result today. We are happy with the ruling,” he said.
The Muneswaram Temple conducts the animal sacrifice annually. (Colombo Gazette)