Army Chief warns troops

Army Commander Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake today warned that soldiers who engage in the most serious disciplinary violations will be expelled from the army.
He said that the Military Police must attempt to lead others in the correct path or ensure that they are transferred out to serve another Regiment.
“You must be the most disciplined person in the whole of the country and should never commit any undisciplined act since everything in the Army depends on strict discipline,” the commander said today.
He also said that the Secretary of Defence and Urban Development is planning a scheme to avoid complexity in soldiering by introducing novel approaches in the future.
‘First of all you must be well-disciplined and a soldier with such great level of discipline receives recognition in society,” he added.
The commander also advised troops to  accumulate professional qualifications as much as possible and reach high standards.
“Do not give up the learning process because it is the knowledge that drives you to take correct decisions. Take me as a model, I followed so many study courses during my career and now I am reading for a PhD, despite my heavy workload. Once you get disciplined it would be easy to deliver, strike a balance and perform exceptionally well in any given situation,” he said.