Congress against CHOGM boycott

Congress member, E.V.K.S. Elangovan, who had been leading the offensive against those demanding a boycott of the Commonwealth summit (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka may have changed his stand.  And pro-Tamil groups are now beginning to suspect that the threat may be used as a clever ploy to keep engaging Sri Lanka in talks, the Deccan Chronicle (DC) reported.
“It is not the time to boycott, it is time (for India) to engage Lanka more to counter the terror threat,” Elangovan told DC, suggesting a joint patrol by Indian and Lankan navy to strengthen the borders.“ Their demand is unacceptable. Boycotting CHOGM will not help Lankan Tamils,” he added.
However, a cautious TNCC chief B S Gnanadesikan said there were only two options — either go to CHOGM and persuade Lanka or abstain and protest against Lanka. “The choice will be made by Centre at the right time,” he said, asserting that the central agencies would give the inputs and GoI would decide on the terror threat accordingly.
Both Elangovan and Gnanadesikan have dismissed talk of the terror threat being a ‘plant’ and a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by Congress to facilitate PM’s Colombo visit, overriding Tamil’s sentiments and concerns.
Political scientist Ramu Manivannan, a professor in Madras University, described this as the “weakest moment of India’s foreign policy towards Lanka” and said Delhi should not view Colombo as a friend since the latter is hobnobbing with Pakistan and China, strategically and militarily.