Mervyn proposes to Pillay (Audio)

Government Minister Mervyn Silva today openly proposed to the UN High Commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay saying he is ready to marry her in order to keep her in Sri Lanka and show her what the country has to offer.
Speaking at an event in Maradana today the Minister said that although he is over 40 years old his body still works like his hands.
“If Muslims can marry four women what’s wrong in me marrying one more woman? We also should have a small chance,” the Minister said in the presence of Buddhist clergy at the event.
Minister Silva said that the UN Human Rights Chief should learn more about Sri Lanka’s history and not attempt to critisise the country without knowing the facts.
He also dismissed claims that he may leave the government and withdraw his support to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Minister Silva hailed the President and insisted he will never turn against the President at any cost.
He said that if any issue does crop up he will only go home and not join any other political party. (Colombo Gazette)