Police apologize to monks (Updated)

The police today apologized to monks of the Sihala Ravaya over a police function held in Kandy to marry dogs.
Convener of the Sihala Ravaya, the venerable Magalakande Sudatha thero, said that the police expressed regret after the dogs were placed on a Sinhalese traditional ‘Poruwa’ to perform the wedding ceremony.
The Sihala Ravaya accused the police of not only bringing disrepute to the police service but also disrespecting Sinhalese people by marrying dogs in the same traditional way humans are married.
The venerable Magalakande Sudatha thero said that the Buddhist monk organization was to protest outside the police headquarters on Wednesday over the incident.
However he said the police had now apologized and also agreed to make a public apology tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette)
UPDATE (August 27) – The police department, in a statement, apologized if the event held in Kandy to ‘marry’ some police dogs was seen as harming local culture and traditions.
Click here for police statement