Deyo: Taking ethno music to the world

Born in Jaffna, raised in Colombo and now living in Australia. That basically is what sums up the life of Deluxshion Deyo. Or so you would think so.
But Deyo has brought the east and west together through his music by mixing ethno music and western music.
A product of Royal College Colombo, Deyo learned Karnatic music and the Tamil drums also known as the Miruthangam from the age of five.
“I started learning western music when I was 14 years old and produced my first original music at 15 years. This was mainly due to my Father, V.T Rajendran’s passion for the arts. I started producing music at a professional level at 18 and the urge to acquire more knowledge and skill in sound engineering and music production and technology later brought me to Melbourne,” he said.
Deyo says since he was already learning and playing eastern and western music instruments he got the urge to create his own music.
“My best friend Sai was also into the music production scene and we were always creating our own style of music when we were at school. I have to say, he was my major influence in my interest in sound engineering and production,” Deyo added.
Deyo mainly produces Pop, RnB, Hip Hop and Fusion music but he has also produced and played ethnic and urban sample libraries for ‘Zero-g’ and ‘Fireloops’ which have been picked up by other musicians all over the globe.
Deyo has worked with the likes of Jnr B, Prolific Jason, Trinaty, Cielo Morena, Justine Eltakatchi, Jade Angela, Nave, ADK, Nithya Baya, Tharaka and Infaas, just to name a few.image
As a sound engineer, he has also worked with renowned Grammy award winning Mastering and Mixing engineers on many projects.
With the improvements in technology Deyo says music producers today have a lot of options than maybe a few years back to experiment with music.
“At the start of my music career, all I had was a keyboard but now its amazing with new technology. It has helped me mainly with time management,” he said.
Deyo is now working on his new international single is ‘Ima Hit The Town’ for which he has just completed the video shoot.
“The music for the track was produced and mixed by me and mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Reuban Cohen. We are planning to release it at end of this September. There are four new singles by different artists produced and engineered by me, to be released soon. I also have plans to compile all my productions in a collective album in the near future,” he said.
As a producer and sound engineer Deyo says he is also planning to work with mainstream international artists and do more world music fusions, incorporating the different sounds from different cultures all over the world.
Report by Easwaran Rutnam