Rehab centers for drug addicts

Cabinet has approved a proposal to setup rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, which will function under the Bureau of Commissioner General of Rehabilitation.
The government says drug addiction has become a huge calamity to the society at present. In addition to destroying the state wealth, that has turned into a mechanism of converting an energetic youth generation with capabilities into patients, the government said in a statement.
In said that in 2011, the number of imprisonments due to drug addiction was 10,568. 6,165 persons. The Bureau of Commissioner General of Rehabilitation which possesses an experienced staff of rehabilitating and reintegrating LTTE ex-combatants will have the competency of rehabilitating drug addicts jointly with the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board.
The proposal made by Chandrasiri Gajadeera, Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms for the establishment of Rehabilitation Centers under the Bureau of Commissioner General of Rehabilitation, was approved by the Cabinet. (Colombo Gazette)