Ranidu’s ‘Bailatronic’ featured on Billboard

It’s not every day that a Sri Lankan musician gets featured in the international media. But when you get featured on Billboard, the world’s leading music website/magazine its like “wow”.
Sri Lankan music producer and singer Ranidu has been featured on Billboard.com for his track Bailatronic, an EDM track which is bound to strike it big.
The track also premiered on the Nihal Show on BBC Radio One. Nihal introduced Ranidu saying he is a very smart guy and that his track was something different.
“ The EP has already been featured on Billboard , BBC Radio1 , BBC Asiannetwork, dancing astronaut, lessthan3, vibe etc. I have also gotten incredible feedback from DJ such as Fedde Le Grand and the Cataracs. I am just happy that people are feeling this new genre of dance music I created,” Ranidu said.
In the review Billboard says Ranidu is spicing up EDM by adding some South Asian rhythms to the mix on his new EP, Bailatronic.
Describing the “bailatronic” genre as a “mashup of old and new, east and west, baila and bass,” on “Baila Bounce” Billboard says Ranidu incorporates the Sri Lankan pop sound known as “baila” with EDM production that would sound at home inside Pacha or the mainstage at Ultra.
So how did Bailatronic come about? Ranidu says it emerged after he decided to do something Sri Lankan.
“I was the first Sri Lankan to play at one of the worlds largest dance music festivals- Ultra music festival in Miami and a the world famous Coachella music festival in California. When I DJd at these festivals I realized that I didn’t have much music in my set that represented who I am. So I wanted to make Electronic music that is undeniably Sri Lankan and represented our culture and bring it to a Western audience. This is how I got the idea the idea to mix baila with Electronic music,” he said.
According to the Billboard.com review, as EDM’s influence continues to spread worldwide, Ranidu is a forerunner in merging global styles with a sound that is captivating a generation.
Ranidu says he wants to keep pushing Sri Lankan culture and music forward and he hopes to collaborate and release more Bailatronic records and also experiment more within the genre.
“This is Sri Lankas own EDM (electronic dance music) movement and the first time EDM has been built with an eastern soul,” he said.
A word on where Sri Lankan music is at right now. Ranidu feels there is hope but yet he is disappointed as well at the same time.
“There is a lot of fresh young talent that is yet to be discovered. However, I am disappointed where the mainstream Sinhalese market has gone. I feel like musically the mainstream market has gone back 10 years in the last 2-3 years. Hopefully my efforts internationally will give music a boost in Sri Lanka,” he added.  (Colombo Gazette)
Report by Easwaran Rutnam