Candidate at army event

Concerns have been raised over the alleged participation of a United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidate for Northern Provincial Council elections, at an event organized by the army.
According to the Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE), UPFA candidate M. Remedius had attended the event organized by the army in Nawanthurei, Jaffna yesterday.
CaFFE said that when Elections Department officials arrived at the meeting in Jaffna to investigate a complaint they received, there was a conflict of opinion between the elections officials and army personnel.
CaFFE accused the candidate of attempting to gain undue political mileage by attending an event organized by the army.
“Army officers, who are responsible for assuring safety and security, should not involve themselves in elections, which is an intrinsic part of civil administration. This was reiterated during a discussion between the Commissioner of Elections and leaders of political parties where it was agreed that the security forces should not get involved in election related activities. The Department of Elections also agreed not to involve army personnel in any part of the electoral process. In such a context candidates should not attend events organized by the security forces,” CaFFE said.
CaFFE believes that the Commissioner of Elections who is currently visiting the North should give the matter the attention it deserves.