Unsafe milk powder removed (Audio)

The Ministry of Health today removed unsafe milk powder including infant milk from stores in Colombo.
Director General of Health Dr. Palitha Maheepala said that three batches of milk powder which contains DCD and all milk powder containing whey protein had been removed from the stores.
He said that health officers in other parts of the country have also been instructed to remove similar products from stores around the country.
“Health officers have been instructed carry out tests in their areas and implement the circulars issued by the Health Ministry. Today we carried out tests in the Colombo city. We removed all products with whey protein,” he said.
Dr. Palitha Maheepala said that samples were also taken from milk powder products to carry out more tests.
Meanwhile he urged the public to be mindful of the milk powder being purchased but at the same time he said there is no need to be concerned as all unsafe milk products are being removed.
He also said that any distributor found to be in default of the circulars issued by the Ministry of Health will face legal action.  (Colombo Gazette)