Pakistan hails Lankan response

Pakistan has hailed Sri Lanka’s response to transfer the body of a Pakistani crew member of an Italian Ship MV LDN FORTUNA, after he had died while the ship was anchored in India.
According to sources at the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo, the Pakistani had died when the ship was anchored at the Cochin port last month.
The ship crew requested the Indian authorities to allow the disembarkation and further repatriation of the dead body to Pakistan through the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.
However, according to the Pakistan High Commission sources, Indian authorities refused to disembark the dead body without any particular reason.
The crew had then contacted the Sri Lankan port of Galle which was their next port of call and requested for the disembarkation / repatriation formalities after keeping the dead body on board for 10 days after death.
“In this regard the role of Sri Lankan authorities was commendable who not only allowed the disembarkation but also assisted in shifting the dead body back to Pakistan with pro active approach in the name of humanity,” Pakistan High Commission sources said.
The source said that the Indian attitude in disallowing to offload the dead body of the Pakistani national for repatriation back to Pakistan through its territory display her wicked behavior towards Pakistan. Even the request by the shipping agent was not considered on humanitarian grounds which is condemnable.
“On the contrary the Sri Lankan authorities’ response was forthcoming who facilitated the complete process with minimum wastage of time,” the High Commission sources said.  (Colombo Gazette)