KC Grey: Keeping the crowd on their feet

From a resident Disc Jockey (DJ) to a well known DJ at parties and events, KC Grey is fast climbing up the ladder and is bound to be among the best very soon.
A girl from Kandy, KC Grey admits at the start she had the shivers as night life is not all smooth, but she has now settled in and known how to handle hostile fans.
KC Grey has been a DJ for just over two years and a dearth of female DJs made her feel it was time to take center stage.
“During my school days I had an attachment to music. But I never saw a female DJ back then so I questioned myself what that was. I was wondering if it was hard or if it had something to do with the crowd at a party. I got the chance once to go behind the console of a friend’s turntable. I loved it and decided I must be a DJ,” she said.
KC Grey joined the DJ Academy operated by professional and well known DJ Tariq in order to learn the skills to be a pro in the business.
“I wanted to be a certified DJ and I wanted to learn and do the right thing and that’s why I felt its best I join the academy,” she said.KC 4
Growing up in Kandy KC Grey says the tradition and culture of her surroundings did not help in getting the support she needed to be a DJ but she never stopped targeting her goal.
“Locally its not easy for a DJ to climb up the ladder. When you are a girl its worse and some people put you down. But I have managed to settle in and even when it comes to an unruly fan or crowd I know how to handle it,” she said.
KC Grey says she looks upto local DJs as opposed to a foreign DJ because in her book a local DJ works really hard to be the best.
KC Grey says the DJ industry is really popular in Sri Lanka and overseas and while there is a market for live music there is an equally big market for DJ music.
When she goes behind a console she selects her music based on the audience after she screens them and gets an impression of what they may like.
Her biggest achievement as a DJ was when she got an opportunity to tour India and perform and as for the future she hopes to launch her own website and have her own tracks on the website.
Report by Easwaran Rutnam