UNP says focus not on 13A (Audio)

The United National Party (UNP) says the government had attempted to mislead the public by discussing the 13th Amendment issue and redirecting the attention away from more important issues.
UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said that the government is now very silent on the 13th Amendment to the constitution after initially making a lot of noise over the issue.
He says by making the 13th Amendment the talking point the government was able to divert criticism on rising prices of essential items and other matters.
“The government kept talking about the 13th Amendment. Wimal Weerawansa had no other job. Now where is the 13th Amendment,” Attanayake said.
Attanayake said UNP supporters must vote the government out of power instead of assuming the people will still not vote for the government.
He also said that the President had recently Gazetted an order where he can deploy the army at any given time to any district.
Attanayake said that the move is seen as an attempt to use the army to act against any anti-government protest. (Colombo Gazette)