Curfew in parts of Grandpass

A police curfew was imposed till 7am tomorrow in parts of Grandpass after violence continued throughout the night.
The police said that the curfew was imposed to bring the situation under control.
A mob attacked a Muslim mosque in the area and there were also reports that some houses were also attacked.
The police said that after the curfew was imposed the situation was calm and police continued to provide security to the area.
Earlier a Muslim prayer center (Masjid) in Grandpass came under an attack late this evening.
Reports from the area said that some houses were also attacked and a tense situation had developed.
The Colombo National hospital said that 3 people including 2 policemen were admitted to hospital following the incident.
Last month a group of monks had protested against the mosque at Swarna Chaitiya road and demanded that it be relocated.
The religious leaders had then agreed to relocate the mosque within one month.