Weliweriya tarnished army image

The campaign of the pro LTTE diaspora tarnishing the image of the Sri Lankan Army labeling them as an army of genocide, received a boost from Weliweriya incident, UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya said today.
He said the incident has created a good opportunity to the evil forces which are waiting to weaken Sri Lanka’s security forces.
“The incident in Weliveriya has become a key subject locally as well as internationally.  We do not intend to get cheap pleasure politically from this incident. But definitely this incident has strengthened the unfavourable outlook the international community has towards Sri Lanka,” he said.
The UNP MP warned that there was plenty of room for the incident to be disadvantageous to Sri Lanka during the Commonwealth Conference in November and the United Nations Human Rights Council session in September.
“The Security forces used force on the people who protested in Weliveriya not in conformity with methods of controlling such protests.  Standard methods used in such instances are, using tear gas, water jets, shooting with rubber bullets, first to the air, then on ground.  But in this instance, by passing all these methods security forces took action to shower live bullets at the protestors. Under these circumstances it is important to investigate and find out from where the security forces received the order to use maximum force against the people who provided great strength like a great wall to the security forces during their battle against the LTTE,” he said.
He also noted that the people of Weliveriya behaved valiantly in the presence of the intimidation and taught a lesson to the government and if the whole country follows the people of Weliveriya, the end of this government is not far off. (Colombo Gazette)