Nimal says protestor fired shots

The government says investigations into the Weliweriya incident are also looking into reports that someone among the protestors had fired shots towards the security forces.
Government Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva told parliament today that the protesters had also set fire to a three-wheeler and damaged public property.
He however assured that an independent investigation will be carried out into the clashes and the perpetrators will be brought to book.
The Minister denied reports that soldiers had attacked people who had sought shelter inside a church in the area during the violence.
He said that claims that journalists were attacked during the violence will also be investigated.
The Minister said that during the protest, when one group moved away after they were assured of a solution to their concerns, another group stayed back and threw petrol bombs and other objects towards the army.
The ‘battle for water’ broke out after days of small protests led to a massive demonstration last week with the people blocking the main Kandy – Colombo road. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the security forces eventually had to take measures in self defence.
He also said that investigations will look into reports that 112 axed employees of the Hayleys company were involved in the clashes.
The people in Weliweriya claim a gloves factory operating under Hayleys was putting out chemicals which had contaminated the water in the area. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The leaders in the Indian Subcontinent get excited very easily by their small achievements, and screw up the big picture, because they don’t have the knowledge to comprehend the powerful West or the mighty China. The leaders won’t listen to their own intellectuals, because they are not smart enough to understand the intellectuals. Therefore, the Indian Subcontinent will be under others forever, even though it has two billion people, larger than China’s population. We are the enemies for ourselves, not the Westerners or the Chinese. I have read hundreds of books to understand how the West became so powerful, and what will take the West to keep the power. I also read extensively about the Japanese and the Chinese histories. The Indian Subcontinent has been ruled by others for thousands of years; it hasn’t got that vibrant knowledgable culture as the Westerners, the Japanese or the Chinese. Therefore, it will be impossible for the Indian Subcontinent to undermine the West or the East.

  2. Self defence huh? The soldiers could use other means than live ammunition. And what do the Minister know about what actually happened in the church?

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