Bishop hits out at attackers

The Catholic Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith today condemned the attack carried out by “some elements of the forces” on people who had sought refuge at St. Anthony’s Church in Weliweriya during the clashes between the army and public in the area last week.
He said that it was sacrilege for anyone to enter such sacred precincts with arms in their hands and to behave in a violent manner there.
“Such actions cannot be accepted by anyone. It is always necessary that we preserve the sanctity of sacred premises of any religion and respect the people who enter such premises seeking protection.” he said.
Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith called on the government to conduct an impartial and just inquiry into the incident where innocent people were killed.
The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) had earlier said that a priest and a nun at the church were assaulted by troops during the violence in Weliweriya last week.
The BASL said that a team of lawyers had visited Weliweriya and recorded statements from people in the area as well as doctors who had treated the injured.
“The people still live in fear,” an executive member of the BASL had told the Colombo Gazette.
The BASL will be recording more statements over the next few days and will then decide on the next course of action.
Three people have died so far and many others sustained injuries during the “battle for water” at Weliweriya.
The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has also launched an investigation into the incident. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “When the sister in the church locked some of the protestors in a room, a soldier placed his rifle at her chest. She pleaded with them not to harm anyone. One of the soldiers shouted “kawda umbalawa deng balaganney. Api kotith paradduwa. Umbala vedak nehe. (Who is there to look after you now? We defeated the Tigers. You are of no use).” Anusha (real name withheld to ensure her safety), who lives at Helen Waththa Road, Weliweriya, said she saw troops with clubs chasing a group of women. “Though it was a little dark, I could see blood oozing out of a woman’s head. This is the most horrible experience in my life,” she said. A villager who was badly beaten up. A soldier attacked a photo journalist Shanuka Kulasekera of the Adha newspaper published by the Wijeya Group and threw his camera away. He was hospitalised and was discharged yesterday. His camera has been badly damaged.” The Sunday Times
    The Government thinks it can shoot or beat up anyone, because they have expanded the Colombo harbor, and eliminated the LTTE by dropping thousands of bombs indiscriminately. Since Weliweriya insidence I don’t believe the government. In fact, they are shooting the people without a second thought, because they got away from killing thousands of innocent Tamils. Their present behaviour is saying something about their past. I am reluctant to take their word anymore. Therefore, I am urging the human rights lobby groups, intellectuals, business entrepreneurs, religious leaders and law abiding citizens to rise up, and put a pressure on the government to put an end to its uncontrollable madness.

  2. As a Buddhist and love to learn world ancient religions and cultures, I read this in the Bible:
    John 4:14 Jesus said to the woman of Samaia,” whoever drinks of the water will thurst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thurst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a well of water sprining up into everlasting life.”
    In our Buddhist country, where did we go wrong. Very sad.

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