DP not for stopovers says SF (Audio)

Former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka says some politicians are attempting to use his political party, the Democratic Party (DP), as a stopover when they have issues with the leaders of their own political parties.
He said that a group known as an ‘alternative group’ had attempted to move around with his party but they had a different agenda.
“Some people, when they have problems in their party, when they have problems with their party leaders, they try to board our ship.  We will not allow that. This is not a place to help one sort his personal issues.  This is a place to solve national issues,” he said.
Fonseka said that the Democratic Party is open to anyone who accepts the policies of the party.
He also said he is ready to unite with the opposition on national issues but will not form an alliance.
Fonseka also said that it was not fair to blame soldiers on the ground over the Weliweriya incident as the soldiers got their orders from the top.
He said the new Army Commander, Defence Secretary and the President are fully responsible for the lives lost during the clashes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “To our knowledge they should first use tear gas, failing which water cannon and then rubber bullets. If nothing works, then they are allowed to fire live bullets into the air. But in this incident they started off with firing live bullets” – said the relative of deceased – From the Sunday Leader.
    Unbelievable, Sri Lanka went through a bloody civil war for thirty years; but didn’t know how to disperse protesters. Were they on drugs or alcohol while they gave order to shoot the unarmed civilians? I agree, the New Army Commander, Defence Secretary, and the President are fully responsible for the lives lost during the clashes.

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