Maldives to station cops in Lanka

The Maldives is considering having police officers stationed in Sri Lanka to curb drugs being smuggled into the Maldives.
Maldives police commissioner Abdulla Riyaz has stressed on the need to station Maldivian police officers in neighbouring countries in order to stop drugs being trafficked into the Maldives.
In an interview with the Madivian newspaper Haveeru, Riyaz pointed out that foreigners are heavily involved in drug trafficking rings in the Maldives. In that regard, he expressed belief that Maldivian police need to operate in neighbouring countries in order to stop the flow of drugs into the country.
“The drug trade takes place from India or Sri Lanka. I believe that in order to solve that, police need to be in India and Sri Lanka,” police chief said.
According to Riyaz, a plan is currently being devised to station police officers in Maldivian embassies abroad. The aim is to station police officers in India and Sri Lanka by next year, he added.
Speaking on the challenges faced by the authorities to combat the drug trade, Riyaz highlighted the lack of rehabilitation systems in the Maldives to help drug addicts.
The system needs to be strengthened and rehabilitation programs must also be introduced in prisons, he said.