Karu calls for unity in UNP

Opposition UNP member Karu Jayasuriya says the UNP must unite as a party before it looks to unite as an opposition.
In a message to UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, Jayasuriya said that the party has fought enough among its members and now it is time to establish a democratic country and rule for the people of this country. T
He also said that he had not been included in the party selection process of the candidates for the provincial council elections.
“Myself and Sajith Premadasa worked as the Deputy Leader of the Party. There is difficulty in fulfilling the responsibility fully, due to non inclusion to the Selection Committee of the Candidates. If we were on the Nomination Board, we have the full responsibility. There is a massive decline in the country. In such a situation the people of the country need a just rule. The party has to unite. Before we unite the opposition, we must unite as a party. I have always expressed this view as a person who believes in team concept,” he said.
He urged the party leadership to suspend all disciplinary inquiries in the party and if necessary declare a common amnesty and go forward uniting all.
“We must defeat the attempt by the government to destroy the United National Party. If we can unite as a party, then we can unite the opposition. We united as a party and had “Jana Bala” walk. We were able to force the government. If we can do it today, we will be doing a great service and justice to the country and the people. The United National Party is not a party owned by Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, Hon. Sajith Premadasa or myself. There is no need for me to impose conditions,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)