Daya warns of new threats

Newly appointed Army Commander Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake has warned that as as the country heads towards political reconciliation, new forms of threats may emerge against national security.
Threats emanating from overseas separatist extremists are leading, the army media unit quoted him as saying after assuming duties today.
He said that in order to overcome these challenges, he believes the army should undergo a restructuring programme to suit to new technological needs and innovative strategies that would help to meet with those challenges, and similarly to enhance knowledge, using the sea of experience acquired from the battlefields.
Ratnayake said that a fully-fledged professional Army, rich with exemplary conduct and different skills at all levels that can face any challenge at anytime is the timely requirement.
“I visualize the need to follow a policy, based on national priorities, adopting a “preserve the good, discard the bad and acquire the new” approach while working in brotherhood and unity. Today’s army is not simply a labour force but a motivated, diverse and qualitatively productive, “human resource” and I firmly believe our human resource as a formidable strength could add a special value to national development as members from the most disciplined and well-organized workforce in the country,” added.
He also said that over a thousand soldiers have been deployed in UN peace-keeping missions and their service has been commended by both UN officers and other foreign officers.
“It is my intention to further expand this project and enable more and more members to serve such peace-keeping missions by implementing necessary plans while providing guidance and leadership in this direction,” he said.
He said that the army has come a long way not only in structure, numbers and military hardware, but also in professionalism and its reputation and sustaining the image and its dignity, gained through unparalleled sacrifice, is therefore the most sacred duty of every serving member.  (Colombo Gazette)