I am no superhero says Malaka (Audio)

Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka Silva says the men who attacked him at the Odel car park recently had weapons and other objects with them when they carried out the attack.
He fears the attackers may have assassinated him if he had not escaped the attempt to force him into their vehicle.
Malaka Silva also insisted that he did not have bodyguards with him at the time or even before that.
“I am a normal person. If a group tries to attack a man who is on his own that is scary. Also I am not a superhero. That you see only in movies,” he said.
A group of around 12 people had attacked him at the Odel car park on Monday and he was admitted to hospital with minor injuries.
“When I went to Odel an unidentified group came near me and asked if I was Malaka.  I said yes. They then held me by my hand and told em to come with them. I refused and had an altercation with them. I had no reason to go with them. I felt if I went they would kill me,” he said.
Malaka said that he was then attacked using a bottle when he had attempted to flee from the area.
“I then noticed they had poles, pistols, bottles and other objects,” he said.
He also said that there were reports that he always takes bodyguards with him but the Odel incident proved those reports are false. (Colombo Gazette)